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Is it strange that women don't seem to talk, not that much, of their 'roots'? Forever migrants, never the 'non-resident'. Tearful in remembrance, not really nostalgic. Unmoored, but not really in a 'crisis of identity', except vicariously with their men.
calm calm
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For us, who had once attempted togetherness, the separations are strange rather than painful. A sensation of phantom limbs ...
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R tells me I carry an expression these days. Its 'beware'.
I agree with R. Beware those practising academic one-upmanship around me. i'm writing about you, filing away the evidence somewhere. It will be direct prose, not difficult poetry. Coming soon.
Beware those offering 'understanding' while looking for gossip. i know it before you've said it.

The list is long. i'm feeling better already, having listed the prime suspects.

Meanwhile, friends are welcome.


:) paranoid and planning
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I found the answer to that one. the door that flaps.

you remove the door from its hinges, because it does not know how to behave. of course the door did tell me i was too straight ... and i'm working on that. meanwhile, i did tell the door it could've tried talking to me earlier ...

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what do you do
when you knock on a door
and it does not open
it does not close
but merely flaps?
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